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We proclaim the truth of the risen Lord Jesus Christ here at New Testament Baptist Church, formerly known as Conservatism Wiki. More on doctrine soon!

Core Articles of Faith

  • We believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The Holy Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is how the One True God is manifested. We reject any "oneness doctrine" and the "Jesus-only" movement as heretical.
  • We reject any idols or any other gods, such as Allah, Buddha, Taylor Swift, and all these other Mormon "gods" and the false gods Jehovah's Witnesses worship.
  • We accept the passion, crucifixion, and resurrection of Jesus Christ as the only remission of sins, and no "hocus pocus" including "sacrificial" worship has any impact on grace.
  • The world is in a fallen state, and anyone who desires to be saved must accept the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal savior. We reject Universalism here.
  • We believe in baptism by immersion only, and only to be done upon those who are of the age of reason. Baptism is a symbolic act showing the believer buried with Christ and cleansed of sins.
  • Likewise, we reject any concept of "original sin" as Roman Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, and Protestant groups understand it, and thus reject baptismal regeneration and the baptism of infants.
  • Men are to be the sole breadwinners, and women are to be in charge of domestic household affairs. This is godly naturally ordained gender roles.
  • We believe that homosexuality is an abomination in the eyes of God, and that homosexuals cannot be saved since they are vile reprobate. They are damned eternally for being homosexuals.
  • Abortion, capital punishment, physician assisted suicide, and other forms of killing are unequivocally condemned since God hath said "thou shalt not kill."
  • Racism in all its forms are likewise unequivocally condemned by New Testament Baptist Church. All creatures are created in the image of God, and one's skin color is irrelevant to one's character.
  • Modest attire that covers the entire body is required, and as such we do not accept the movement of men wearing shorts and women showing breasts and legs, for instance.
  • All forms of secular music, television, film, and literature are to be treated with the utmost scrupulosity and to be cast out if offending material is found.