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The Administrators of New Testament Baptist Church have the ability to protect/unprotected pages, edit protected pages, move pages, block/unblock users, mediate and resolve disputes.


  • Unlike Wikipedia, we do not block for ideological reasons. Warnings are appropriate, not for obscenity, vandalism or parody (Which are block-able offenses without warning.), but for silliness and other problems. In rare cases, our approach to repeated ideological conflict is to lock the page, and then allow the Administrator Group to make changes on a manual basis based upon submitted suggestions on the Talk page.
  • Revert wars and trolling a discussion page on points contrary to the Conservatism Wiki philosophy, a pattern of continued use of vulgar or sexually based words, all are cause for blocking a user. Name calling and insults are disruptive to the site and most likely will result in a block as well.
  • Administrators and Bureaucrats can be consulted on questions of policy and procedures. Concerns about the validity of an interpretation should be directed to a senior administrator or bureaucrat, who is directly involved in the creation and application of policy.
  • Editors with blocking rights must be careful in the issuance of a block. A block is to be respected both by the recipient and by others with blocking privileges. When an error occurs, it's best for the blocking editor to undo so as to limit confusion. However, this is not always possible.

The current Bureaucrat on staff is User:William Grimes. User:JD is also an Administrator.